A MAGICAL AND Various. ideal for couples home, couples with children and friends x


Welcome to the Zorita Molinos. Welcome to a destination Magic and different. Enjoy the relaxation, silence and landscapes in a very appropriate environment for disconnection routine and daily stress.

Zorita de los Molinos is located in an enclave of absolute privilege, where peace and tranquility will help us unwind and relax from the daily grind of cities.

Bird reserve, Watermills, pine and scrub oak make an ideal setting for any recreational activity, relaxation and decision making in the area.

Just ten minutes from Avila and eighty Madrid, This rural setting provides hiking trails, bicycle, walks along the banks of the river Adaja, prey to Cogotas, being able to photograph various kinds of birds among which: Milano Real, Imperial eagle, Royal Owl, and a diverse local fauna that will accompany us during our visit.