A MAGICAL AND Various. ideal for couples home, couples with children and friends x

The Cija Bed

La Whose, Full rental cottage can accommodate 8 people. The first open plan the form: Receiver, Kitchen, Living room with fireplace and seating area, where we can relax reading, chatting or just watching the fire. (Table games, DVD, Wii, etc…)

Since this will get to a toilet-wardrobe that leads to a spa area, It composed of a jacuzzi, sauna and massage table.

This floor also have access to a paved courtyard with a beautiful wooden gazebo, barbecue and relaxation area.

The upper floor consists of four double rooms with bathroom, dryer and television, in each one of them.

Wooden roofs, stone walls, iron and glass, They manage to create a space where modern aesthetics, current and very welcoming not leave anyone indifferent.

Pinewood, The river, El Molino, and the bridge are chosen places that give name to our Cuatror rooms. With some great views, They will be the perfect place to relax and feel at home.

ideal for couples home, couples with children, and friends who want a different weekend, where the priority is the rest, nature and peace.